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About Us

Our Company

Standing in front of this world of followers, we work for the leaders, the people who build the better version of themselves every day and inspire others to do the same, the ones who turn thoughts into realities and prepare for succeed. Skyview Education and Migration, is an infinite player company, looking after every single person who think beyond, break their own limits and wants to achieve their goals through knowledge and experience of new and exciting cultures.

We believe in the power of knowledge, the only thing is truly yours and no one can take away from you, the importance of be in contact with other cultures and belong everywhere and most of all, how those two things together can change the world.

The beginning of everything (how)

Skyview Migration is the result of two things, a problem and a man with dreams and purpose. 15 years ago Harjeet Singh came to Australia looking for a new beginning, this country was a place of challenges and big opportunities (still is), through his experience as a student, he realised the lack of agencies that actually want and have the capacity to help and solve the migratory doubts in his community, that gave him a proposes, build an agency of experts that really think in their client interests, the result was an Migration Practice with an outstanding record in providing successful immigration advice that already have 10 years in the business. But then, another dream, the dream of provide people with the tools to succeed in their life, to change the world in to a better place, so SKYVIEW EDUCATION AND MIGRATION was born, now this company is a 360 business, capable to build with you a pathway in your Australian adventure!

You are a Skyviewer if you…
  • Define yourself as a leader
  • Always think beyond
  • Are prepare to your personal and professional goals
  • Are always looking for new and exciting experience
  • Feel like a unique person